Simran Rai

As a photography major in school and a keen interest in video production, Simran serves Longhouse as a key member of the content team. Simran has a keen eye for detail and great skill in project management.

How Was DecemberūüéĄ? I Longhouse Media Blog Post

How was everyone’s last couple of days? Christmas¬†just passed¬†by¬†and we hope you and your families were able to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Did¬†you do anything interesting/holiday-related recently?¬† If we haven’t spoken for a while we’d love to start off 2021 with reconnecting.¬† This year has the potential to be awesome. Longhouse Media …

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Valley Laser Eye Centre

Dr. Blaylock is respected as the best Surgical Ophthalmologist (Laser Eye Surgeons) in Canada and is famous for creating the ‚ÄėBlaylock Procedure‚Äô

The Longhouse team have worked alongside Valley Laser Eye Centre to help them reach a greater SEO/Google Ranking, reach more customers and showcase/market what they do.

The results? As great as his eye surgeries!