A Beginner’s Guide to Effective Video Production Processes – What to Know

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As more social media users continue to grow an interest in visual content, it’s no secret that video marketing has risen above the ranks to become one of the most highly-consumed forms of content today. 

What the numbers say about video marketing

In recent years, video marketing strategies have grown to show impressive results for various types of businesses. This is essentially allowing them to tap into their potential market, pull in more customers, and convert leads at astounding rates. 

Studies have shown that 87 percent of marketers now use video as an integral part of their marketing strategies because it can fetch greater results with a higher ROI on effort and resource expenditure. It is worth noting, however, that the majority of marketers now use video marketing because it has also been shown to boost conversion rates on any landing page up to 80 percent. 

An example of video marketing being used on a landing page created by Longhouse Media
An example of video marketing being used on a landing page created by Longhouse Media

Although it can be easy to achieve success with video, here’s a bit of truth that business owners and digital marketers should know about video marketing: there’s no effective video without a successful video production process.

The fundamentals of successful video production processes

When it comes to dissecting any creative process, each filmmaker, videographer, and creative director has their own unique approach to the way they tackle a task at hand. 

Given the fact that the video in itself is perplexed with many details and factors, the secret to a successful video production process may seem like it’s anyone’s guess, right? Well, there are actually a few key factors that can set any project on the path towards creating convincing narratives that effectively tell a story, convince viewers, and help businesses achieve their analytic goals. 

Let’s go over two key factors that have been proven to create successful video production processes in greater detail: 

1. The creation of a thoroughly-planned strategy

Before jumping right into shooting, every successful video production process doesn’t begin without a thoroughly-planned strategy. Generally, this entire process starts off by working with any client to develop a video strategy or full plan with using branded video as a factor to drive business upwards. 

Here are a few common goals that most successful strategies take into consideration during the planning and preparation process: 

  • Attract: Video production process is geared towards creating various types of videos that can attract users and raise awareness over a company or brand to stay at the top of any viewer’s mind (examples of videos that attract: how-tos, commercials, and educational videos).
  • Engage: By taking engagement into consideration, any video production process creates a final output that effectively engages with viewers and creates more opportunities to keep customers in for the long run (examples of videos that engage: brand videos, customer spotlights, product videos).
  • Nurture: With a nurture-centred focus, the final plan of a video production process is geared towards enhancing the ability of any sales funnel to convert and close sales with long-term trust and loyalty as a bonus (examples of videos that nurture: case studies, testimonials, and before-and-after videos).

2. A proper pre-production phase

Creative brainstorming before one of Longhouse Media's video shoots.
Creative brainstorming before one of Longhouse Media’s video shoots.

Pre-production is arguably one of the most important components in a successful video production process because it sets the foundation for a production house or professional to use the set strategy and shoot according to plan. Generally speaking, the pre-production phase is outlined by creative brainstorming, script creation, equipment rental, storyboards, casting calls, and shoot-day preparations. 

Final words

Without a properly-set video production process, properly-built and effective video marketing strategies will never be able to come to fruition. If you’re fairly new to the entire experience of creating effective video content to enhance the potential of your marketing strategy to get results, then it’s ideal to set your sights on the video production process!  

If you’re looking for a video production agency in British Columbia, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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