Langley Digital Marketing

Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads With Clear Results

Our Langley Team of Facebook Ad and Google AdWord Specialists Will Become the Marketers You Need to Grow Your Business

Our marketing company focuses on producing clear, trackable results that will attract more customers to your business, improve brand awareness and at the end of the day, make you more money than you are spending on ads.

Advertising is easy if you have the right tools and we not only know what tools to use, but also can supply them. We will recommend a good set of marketing videos, get those videos seen by the right people with targeted digital advertising and then close the deal with a website or landing page that escalates clickers into a sale.

We program in analytics to our campaigns so we can give real-time reporting on a campaign’s results. This means that you can look any day of the month and see how many clicks you are getting, what each click is costing, and more importantly, we can track results such as “cost-per-phone call” or “cost-per-order”. These analytics let us show you how much value we are providing your business.

Here is How Our Marketing Strategy Works


First, we make sure we have engaging media such as great photos or videos.

After that, we use the large pool of information Facebook, Instagram and Google have on the population to get our digital ads seen by the right people.

Once the advertisement is clicked, it is important that the next thing the prospect sees is a clear path to get what they are interested in (your service). We design awesome websites and landing pages that do exactly that.

Clients that Love Our Facebook, Instagram and Google Advertising Company

Partner with Longhouse’s Digital Marketing and Branding Experts


Lead Growth Consultant

Keenan is an expert at playing the same three songs over the office sound-system. At Longhouse, Keenan is the lead growth consultant and loves strategizing the best path for partners to get the marketing results they’re looking for.


Project Manager

Simran brings an eye for detail and the follow-through to get jobs done on-time, on-budget and to great results. In her spare time, Simran bakes everything from cupcakes to cookies.


Content Specialist

Magda is a mother of two who knows how to get stuff done, making her a perfect content specialist at Longhouse. She is an avid photographer and has lots of stories about working on a llama farm.

We Offer More than Just Digital Marketing

Longhouse is a full-service media company that also specializes in video production, web design, business photography, graphic design, Google Rankings and more!

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