Graphic Design

Designs have power. Well-crafted logos, business cards and flyers can change the way we think, act and feel towards a business.  Custom tailored designs are an easy way to stand out and grow a business.

Our graphic design team produces a highly effective, custom and growth driving product. Businesses who invest in our branding will reach customers and experience the long lasting dividends that come with great branding.

Longhouse Media offers logos, business cards, brochures/posters, product packaging and promo flyers.  We even offer monthly design packages at discounted rates!

Custom Tailored Designs

All of our designs are custom tailored to your unique business needs and personality.  We start by doing a full brand audit where we learn your company’s core values, culture and personality. We then mix this with your goals and product to produce perfect, custom designs. The entire process can be as collaborative or detached as you desire.


Impress your clients and look professional with high-quality designs, business cards and promotional material.

Art Meets Business

After discussing the business goals and design objectives with our lead growth consultant, an in-house artist creates your custom design that is sure to impress.


Investing in branding adds credibility to your business and helps to convert prospective clients into dollars.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want our partners to be 100% satisfied with their graphic design investment and thereby we offer to revise the product until perfection.


Get your business a custom logo which can then be used on everything from business cards to apparel, signage and more.  Our graphic design specialist will craft you a logo which fully characterizes your brand and includes the colours and design elements you desire.  Want to leave the designing to us? That is totally fine! We can make the design process as collaborative or detached as you wish.

Business Cards

Making a strong first impression is important for any business owner.  Well-designed business cards are a must when it comes to launching or improving a brand.  Have your business card do the talking for you; hand them out and watch the sales come flowing into your company.

We strive to artistically include important design elements into your cards such as:

  • Linework
  • Typography
  • Space & Negative Space
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Colour
  • Scale
  • Texture

Brochures, Posters & Flyers

Longhouse Media offers custom made brochures, posters and flyers to help you get info out about your product, service, event or sale.  The benefits of a brochure are the flexibility of design, easy distribution, and accessibility of information. Posters are also quick and easy to distribute, however, they contain only the most important information and are primarily image based.  Promotional flyers are one of the oldest ways to increase interest in a sale; our clients rely on us to make their monthly promo flyers that have a proven track record of generating results.

Once your design is complete you can post the graphic online or we can direct you to our local or online printing partner to get physical copies made.

Product Packaging

Launching a new product or looking to revamp your current packaging?  The design team at Longhouse Media can give your product a slick new personality.  We are sure to remain consistent with your business’ existing branding and utilize fonts, colours and logos that you already are using but we can mix it up as well! From there we can go further by incorporating the written copy, imagery and data necessary to give your packaging a world class look and feel.