Social Media Management

Social Media Management is one of Longhouse Media’s most unique offered services.  Solutions we offer include account management, content creation, profile registration and branding strategy.  We encourage partners to build their social media pages today so that they can advertise on that asset forever, for free.

Longhouse Media takes advantage of all the latest social media trends to give our partners an edge in the digital age.  81% of North America is on social media; we turn those people into customers.

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Our account managers can put your Instagram page’s growth on auto-pilot!  Allow our specialized managers to handle growing your page while you continue to use the account as you normally would and focus on your business.  We first get a grasp on your goals and then custom tailor an engagement plan that will acquire high-quality followers relevant to your business. For example, a baker in Vancouver would only want Vancouver based followers; we can target this.  We can even target people who have a sweet tooth!

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Social Media Services

Grow Your Audience!


Our account managers handle everything!  Sign up and your account will grow. You can continue using your account as usual.


We keep all of our client’s info completely confidential and maintain strict privacy measures when growing their accounts.

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Instagram followers establish credibility and signal authority. Supercharge your brand today.


The Instagram followers you gain are an asset.  You will forever be able to advertise to them for free.  An investment today can last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Our account managers interact with active users that have shown an interest in accounts, hashtags and locations relevant to your desires.

Yes!  Our university educated staff, makes sure that everything we do is safe for the account and results in happy customers.  An investment in our services have our guarantee of quick, consistent growth.

Yes!  You can continue using your account as usual.  Our account managers work around the clock, but do not interfere with your usage of Instagram.

No! It is very unusual for clients to see a decrease in followers after stopping our services.  Depending on the quality and amount of posts done by the client; one can usually expect a minimal drop off of followers around 5% of all those gained. 

Remember, people are following your account because we have used technical algorithms to ONLY target those who have shown an interest in pages similar to yours.  Meaning, they WANT to be your follower.

Our account managers listen to your individual needs and determine the ideal follower.  From there, we interact with users and posts related to our goal (This is primarily done through likes and follows.  This results in account growth only from ACTIVE Instagrammers.

 We make sure to not leave a trace of our presence on the account.  Anyone who we follow, will be unfollowed unless instructed to do otherwise.

We do not expose any personal information of our clients and DO NOT expose who our clients are to anyone unless given explicit permission to do so.

Click here! We only need a couple pieces of information and we can begin right away.

See our dedicated website for this service here.

Social Media Page Creation

Focus on your business while we create a full online persona for your brand!  We can handle the opening of your business’ social media accounts and fully deck it out with profile pictures, cover photos and well-written bios and contact information.

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Content Creation

Already have your social media accounts running but don’t have the time to take consistent photos or upload multiple posts per week?  Bring in Longhouse Media to create the content for you. We have multiple packages available that provide the perfect amount of content for your page.  

Packages all come with a mix of photo content and graphic design services!