Livingroom Fort Langley: Longhouse Media Case Study

LivingRoom Fort Langley website mockup on a wood table, granite backdrop and beside two cactuses

Livingroom Fort Langley is a beautiful home decor and accessories shop located in the historic Fort Langley. Founded in 2014 by Courtney Van Der Zalm, Livingroom prides itself on supplying customers with high quality home decor and accessories.

Our web design and business photography teams were tasked with growing Livingroom’s online presence and to help improve the overall value of the company. This project was extra special to us as our team is also located in Langley and working with other Langley and surrounding city’s businesses is a great way to improve the local economy.

Our Challenge: Create a Business Website and Provide Product Photography for Livingroom Fort Langley

Livingroom Fort Langley was an existing business that had a great brand and reputation however one aspect that had always been neglected was their digital persona. Livingroom did not have a website nor did they have any way for people to buy their products online.

The website needed to incorporate a payment platform, email marketing integration and advanced product galleries.

The Solution: Web Design, Web Hosting and Business Photography

For the team at Livingroom, we knew we needed to open up their amazing products to the world. Prior to the launch of their website, only people in Langley and those within a small radius around Langley would be able to shop at their local boutique.

Our e-commerce website allows for shoppers online to access their home decor and accessories from anywhere in the world and allows payment in multiple forms such as Visa and MasterCard. We love integrating other payment methods such as Bitcoin when requested also. We describe why our marketing company accepts cryptocurrencies in our blog: “Why Our Media Company Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin is efficient, permissionless and there is a limited supply of Bitcoin” and think it is definitely an interesting read for other business owners to consider.

Living Room Fort Langley Website Mock-up on a Laptop on a desk eith two cactuses
Livingroom Fort Langley Website Mock-up on a Laptop

The Livingroom website has advanced design features and incorporates a fully sourced by Longhouse set of product and showroom photos. A fancy design and the best product photos in your respective industry are two things that can make your business stand out from competitors and draw in more business!

Product Photography for LivingRoom Shot by Longhouse Media's Business Photographers in Langley: photo of bath teas in glass vials on a pure white back drop.
Product Photography for Livingroom Shot by Longhouse Media’s Business Photographers in Langley

Longhouse Media and Livingroom Fort Langley have an on-going web hosting and website management partnership where Longhouse handles: new product uploads, changes to the website content, website backups, website security and more.

You can check out the website we created for them here:

The Partner’s Thoughts on Our Web Design Company and Business Photographers

“Keenan and his team are very friendly and professional. They answered every “dumb” question we had without hesitation and judgement. They are all extremely talented in their different expertizes.”

Allison Elam – LivingRoom Fort Langley

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Keenan Beavis is a Growth Consultant with Longhouse Media. Longhouse’s services include websites, digital marketing, social media management, videography and graphic design. Past projects of Keenan’s include, a YouTube channel where he was awarded for being the 27th most viewed YouTuber in Canada and a chain of online niche clothing stores under the banner of ‘JK Design Team’. Realizing his aptitude for developing businesses online, Keenan decided to help others grow their businesses and personal brands through technology by founding the media company, Longhouse.

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