Phone Doctor: Longhouse Media Case Study

Mockup on laptop that shows the phone doctor light green and white branding colours and the phone doctor logo

Phone Doctor is a multi-location mobile device repair provider that has locations in Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack and Kelowna.  They specialize in fixing smartphones that have suffered water damage, broken screens, failing batteries, among other ailments.

Longhouse’s team of web designers was enlisted to create a new website that not only looked great and increased conversions but also increased new customers discovering the business through SEO.

Our Challenge: Gain Customers Through Google Rankings and a New Website

Phone Repairs has become a competitive industry and as such it is becoming progressively harder for businesses to stand out.

Phone Doctor is known for their great prices and stellar customer service, however their business’ previous website was not able to showcase the high-quality nature of their brand, nor was the website search engine optimized. This left potential customers on the table, resulting in unfinished conversions, and often Phone Doctor being not found on search results.

Our strategy was to refresh the website with SEO best practices implemented in order to help Phone Doctor scale their brand.

Laptop mockup that shows the phone doctor light green and white branding colouirs and the phone doctor logo
Our web developers created the Phone Doctor website to be beautiful on all platforms and to show up high on Google search.

The Solution: Website Development with Location Pages and the Implementation of SEO Best Practices

We noticed a major opportunity prior to starting the redevelopment of the website.  Our Web designers came up with the strategy of implementing location specific web-pages within the website that act as a home for the respective location in Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack or Kelowna.  This change has shown significant improvements to SEO and more top rankings on Google because now Google can comfortably send searchers from specific geo-locations to a relevant page for their individual needs.

Implementing SEO best practices has allowed Phone Doctor’s search traffic to dramatically increase as previously, they were only ranking for their home page on Google whereas now there is search volume for many other keywords relevant to their services page or any of their location pages.

Longhouse Media was given full autonomy on the design and layout of the website which allowed for our web design team to get creative with the structure and colours.  The feedback from Phone Doctor’s customers has been fantastic. 

Mobile mockup on a samsung note 9 that shows the phone doctor light green and white branding colouirs and the phone doctor logo
Mobile Version of the Phone Doctor website that was created by the Longhouse Media Web Design Team

The Results of Our Partnership: Improved SEO and a High Conversion Rate on the Website

We have found that having the location specific pages has improved conversion rates.  We hypothesize that this improvement comes from people having an easy to use interface that guides them directly to the information they need.  For example, a website visitor would have a hard time finding information specific to the Kelowna location and may instead of accidentally called the phone number for Abbotsford.  With our new system, this is no longer an issue.

The search traffic results has been amazing in regards to SEO.  Each month has shown thousands of increased views and clicks on Google and Bing.  Another area of SEO we wanted to target was Google Local/Google Maps. Ranking high in a tight local vicinity is huge for competitive industries such as cell phone repairs so we wanted to be sure that the website was optimized to improve their rankings on Google Local as well.  

The website for Phone Doctor can be seen here.

The Partner’s Thoughts on Our Marketing Results

A video testimonial from Brady Lawlor of Phone Doctor, discussing his experience with Longhouse Media’s Web Design and SEO services!

“Keenan and Austin built am amazing website for my business. It can be seen at

Beyond looking professional, it’s a well built website from a functionality and SEO standpoint. There are many people capable of “building” a good looking website, but very few capable of creating a custom website that works to optimize your search results on Google and generate your company new leads.

The finished product is phenomenal, the service was unparalleled. I has questions and would promptly have answers, I had suggestions and ideas and they worked with me to incorporate them into the website.

Invest in your business. Get these guys going on building a website for you that generates results.

Need SEO help for an existing website? They can do that. Need promotional material? They can do that. Just give them a call. At the very least you will gain some new knowledge and have a chat with some really good dudes.

Thank you Longhouse,


Brady Lawlor – Owner of Phone Doctor

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