Barron S

Our Challenge

Barron S is a Vancouver based DJ who was looking to cement herself as the powerhouse DJ that she is!  Barron was looking to grow her social media presence, specifically wanting to increase her Instagram and Facebook following.

After some time of building up her following, Barron released her new mix “House Fiyaa” for which we promoted through social media ads.

BarronS Instagram
BarronS Facebook

The Solution

Utilizing our ‘Longhouse Social’ Instagram growth service, Barron began seeing immediate results on the engagement and following on her profile.  Simultaneously we began running strategic advertisements driving people to her Facebook page where they found an engaging contest that encouraged them to ‘like’ the page.

For the Longhouse Social growth services, Barron chose to target fans of her music genre as well as fans of musicians/performers similar to herself.  As such, the followers she gained are relevant to her brand and also increased engagement on her posts. 

The Numbers

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Growth In Facebook Likes
Targeted Instagram Followers
0 %
Increase in Engagement on Instagram Posts
Indirect Soundcloud Streams On "House Fiyaa"

The Partner

Barron S

“We ran some Facebook ads that increased my likes by a lot!  Keenan was creative in the way he advertised which really optimized the results per dollar spent.  His long term work on my instagram account is amazing too!”

Barron S


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