Bromac Mechanical

Our Challenge

The logical next step for Bromac was to develop an awesome website! Upon meeting with one of our consultants, Bromac invested in creating their first website and continues to use our hosting, graphic design and marketing services.

Bromac Presentation
Bromac Laptop

The Solution

Our initial meeting with Bromac’s founder was very casual and we discussed business goals, branding and growth strategies.  During the meeting Bromac was very interested in allowing us to use whatever services necessary “as long as they bring in profits”. 

Our first step was to create the professional website using all of the brand’s colours and personality.  As part of this step we provided copywriting and graphic design services to flesh out the website entirely. 

For advertising, our specialists suggested using search engine ads so that we can capture locals when they are actively needing plumbing and gasfitting services.  We have been very successful in creating a strong return on investment and each dollar is bringing in amazing results.

The Numbers

Growth in Overall Business
0 %
Clicks to Website From Google Ads
Return On Invstment (ROI) From Ad Spend
0 %

The Partner


“Longhouse offers skills that my company doesn’t have internally so that we can continue to grow and expand while I focus on serving my clients.”

Brody Mcintosh

Bromac Mechanical