Car Charger Pros

Our Challenge

Car Charger Pros hired us to help develop their brand, build an online presence and increase sales by means of digital advertising.

As a new business, Car Charger Pros discussed their launch goals with our consultants which resulted in an official logo,professional website and high-conversion digital ads!

Car Charger Pros MockUp
Car Charger Pros

The Solution

The root of any brand is the logo.  We crafted a custom logo that looks modern, articulates the industry and meshes well with supplementary materials Car Charger Pros uses such as the website, digital ads and business cards we went on to create; also, the logo was designed to be versatile so that it could be used on their established marketing materials such as cost proposals and email marketing templates.

Our second step was to give Car Charger Pros a digital ‘home base’.  The website we designed contains all of the important information a business would need as well as some striking design elements.

Car Charger Pros MockUp

Upon completing the website; we began an intensive digital marketing campaign to drive sales to the new business.  With an aggressive budget we ran ads on Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram with conversions as the objective.

The Numbers

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Brand Impressions
Website Views
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Growth Since Ad-Spend

The Partner

Hal Smith

“We have worked with Longhouse for multiple projects. This time we needed a logo and a website. Everything looks super professional and was completed very fast! The internet advertising we are currently doing with Longhouse are bringing in great results.” Overall, amazing experience.”

Harold Smith

Car Charger Pros

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