One Minute Yoga

About the Partner

One Minute Yoga is the newest creation from YogaPAH! Founder Leonarda Ehl. Leonarda has created the only online yoga program in Canada offered entirely in ASL (American Sign Language).

Our web design and social media teams were tasked with growing her Instagram brand, designing a logo and developing a new website and a landing page for One Minute Yoga.

Our Challenge: Grow the Brand, Create Websites and Design A Logo

One Minute Yoga is offered online, however Leonarda lives in Langley so we were able to have in-person consultations to flesh out the perfect website for her. Over a year prior to the launch of One Minute Yoga, Longhouse grew Leonarda’s brand using our Instagram growth service.

The website needed to incorporate a payment platform, account database and varied security/membership levels so protect the program’s content.

One Minute Yoga Business Logo Blue with the name spelled out. Longhosue Media created this logo with our graphic design service

The Solution: Web Design, Instagram Growth and Business Logo Design

Using our Instagram growth service worked well for Leonarda’s brand; Longhouse was able to target a specific niche which resulted in followers relevant to her business endeavours.  The demographic we targeted were students at deaf colleges, and other programs for deaf people. Our process resulted in over 700 gained Instagram followers who are all still actively engaged on her page’s content.

A year later, Leonarda wanted to launch her new business, One Minute Yoga.  The first step for her was to have us develop a world-class website that had e-commerce integrations and allowed for registrations.  The payment platform we used was Stripe for its low fee structure and simple management system.

After a comprehensive design meeting we developed a plan for branding One Minute Yoga.  This resulted in a great design skeleton for the website but something was missing.. A business LOGO!

Longhouse Media was then tasked with creating a business logo that incorporated many of the values Leonarda shares as well as articulates the scope of the business.

The new logo fit perfects on the website and resulted in a website that Leonarda has received many compliments on the website’s design and the fluidity of the sign-up process mixed with Leonarda’s skills in yoga instruction has led to a successful launch of her program!

After our web design team finished the website we were given another mission!  Design an effective landing page that will be used in advertising campaigns such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads.  The goal for a landing page is to be concise and to articulate all necessary information to prospective customers.  We did this and added additional features such as ‘upsells’ which add significant value to a landing page. The landing page that our web designers built has had a successful launch and is currently being used to promote upcoming intakes to the online, One Minute Yoga program!

The Partner's Thoughts on Our Marketing Results

Leonarda Ehl of One Minute Yoga

“I love the logo they made. The website is also amazing <3”

Leonarda Ehl

One Minute Yoga