Our Challenge

SCHARA is a Vancouver based singer/songwriter looking to expose her music to as many ears as possible.

Longhouse was scouted to increase Schara’s Instagram following as Instagram is the best platform for developing a brand image.  In preparation for her music releases, Schara had a goal in mind of reaching 10,000 followers from her initial 2,267.  At the beginning of our growth plan she had an average of 60 likes per post.

Schara Instagram
Schara Instagram

The Solution

Schara was the first client of Longhouse Social and continues to be an extraordinary example of the power social media holds.  She has opted to continue utilizing our service and has been our company’s biggest advocate; referring us over ten clients!

Our Longhouse Social service allows you to describe your target market to us and then we gain you engaged followers relevant to your niche!  You can continue posting and using Instagram as usual and we will work behind the scenes by interacting with profiles and content meeting the described demographic.  Check out our social media section here or see our Longhouse Social standalone website here 

Schara opted to target Canadian music fans primarily in Vancouver and Toronto and as such she has grown a powerful community that supports her music endeavours.  In the beginning of 2018, Schara launched a crowdfunding campaign and through the power of social media was able to raise over $5000 from the local music community that was used to produce and distribute her music.

The Numbers

0 %
Increase in Instagram Followers (+11k)
0 %
Increased Average Likes Per Post (60 to over 350)
$ 0 +
Raised Through Her First Crowdfunding Campaign

The Partner


“My goal was to reach 10,000 Instagram followers and increase the engagement on my posts.  I never expected to far surpass my goal and even raise over $5,000 from the community that Longhouse helped me build.”



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