$2,400 Grant to Grow Your Business Online

Canadian Digital Adoption Plan

“Grow Your Business Online” - A $2,400 Grant to Expand Your Digital Presence

The Government of Canada feels it is important to have a strong digital presence. For a short time, they are offering $2,400 which can be used to boost your e-commerce or ability to sell your services online.

It's Important to Remember:

  • Verification is fast; ensure to have all the information handy. To be eligible, you need to have over $30,000 in revenue
  • CDAP is only available until funds run out.

The $2,400 can be spent on a variety of pieces including:

Web Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To show up higher on Google search results

Digital Advertising

(Facebook, Instagram and Google for example)

Social Media Management

Marketing Consulting

E-Commerce Development

All you need to do is have these items ready:

Verification is fast; it’s just important to have all of the above information handy.  Otherwise you may get stuck and need to contact your accountant.

Longhouse has extensive experience with digital marketing and e-commerce development.  After your approval, Longhouse would love to implement the marketing piece that will best help your business grow.

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