The Longhouse Business Spotlight

By Longhouse Media

The Longhouse Business Spotlight is an online web-series that highlights local businesses and entrepreneurs. Each video in this web series is cost-free to the local business and is promoted on the internet by Longhouse Media’s team of social media managers.

Each video is shot by Longhouse Media’s videography team. There is no strict format to each video and the scope of the interviews change based on what Longhouse and the respective business feel like discussing.

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Small and Medium Sized Businesses Matter

99.8% of businesses in Canada are small or medium sized and 9/10 Canadians working in the private sector are employed by a small-to-medium-sized business. These businesses matter!

Many businesses do not have the budget to hire a full-time employee to handle important functions that could grow their business such as digital advertising, social media management, web design, video production, photography and search engine optimization; this is the gap Longhouse seeks to fill.

Why Do We Produce the Longhouse Business Spotlight Video Series?

The Longhouse Business Spotlight is a step towards bringing a business’ story to the public. At Longhouse, we are passionate about story-telling and know first-hand the effect that showcasing authentic conversations can have on a business. Once posted online in all of our channels, the videos have increased the exposure of many worthy business owners and translated to direct profits for each respective business.

Would You Like to Suggest a Business to Be Highlighted?

We love finding new businesses to showcase, send us a message through our contact form or on the Longhouse Media Facebook page and we can try to coordinate an interview.