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Search Engine Optimization

The best way that a business is able to get new customers is by ranking highly on Google. If your business is not on the first page for searches then you can be sure that searchers will not end up buying from you. Worse yet, this residual income stream could be going to your competitors.

Many local businesses in Abbotsford are starting to invest in search engine optimization, will you partner with Longhouse to get you listed on the first page, top 3 or even number one on Google.

Our SEO Strategy

The number one benefit of partnering with Longhouse is our transparency. We are always available to discuss our monthly strategies and updates. We can report on analytics such as how your page is being discovered, what pages of your website are doing well and other key performance indicators. Longhouse uses the analytics we track to constantly refine and improve the service we provide for you.

In order to rank your business on Google, we use three primary strategies:

Blog Writing

We write custom articles that incorporate your target keywords so that Google sees that your business is meeting key criteria in their algorithms such as relevancy, freshness and credibility.

On-Site SEO

Google does not have humans scanning every page on the internet to determine rankings; Google uses computers! Longhouse writes background code on your website that makes it easy for Google’s computers to understand what is on your page. When Google understands your page, they send searchers your way.

Link Building & Outreach

Google sees your business as more trustworthy when other websites contain links to your website. We connect with blogs and websites with established ‘domain authority’ that will boost where your page is ranked on Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

We fix common errors such as uncompressed files and animations that effect load speeds, add header tags, meta descriptions, alt tags and install xml sitemaps and submit your site for indexing if it is not already. We stay on top of on-site SEO trends and implement top industry strategies.

We perform free SEO audits through a third party. We can then go through your current position piece by piece, we give you continued access to the audit software so you can see in real time how we are improving your sites rankings.

We also will be writing blog content for you so you will have a tangible look at what we are working on for your business.

Unfortunately, SEO is very difficult to make assumptions for. There are some factors out of our control such as number of competitors, website design features (Google likes websites designed a particular way), hosting speeds (Google prefers fast loading websites and hosting speeds are out our control) and more.

With this said however, what we can assure is that you are partnering with experts in search engine rankings and we will do everything in our power to get you the results you need. If something is out of our control, we will give you exact instruction on how you can overcome those obstacles and strengthen your position. We can combine our SEO packages with other services such as web design to overcome a lot of the problems with providing these assurances.

Most dramatic results are a gradual build over 3-6 months. Your business will see the greatest results after a year of consistent blogging, outreach and technical page refinement.

Changes to on-site SEO should have an immediate effect on your rankings and will improve your positioning between a few days and 2 weeks.

Clients That Love Our SEO Company

Partner with Longhouse’s Team of SEO Specialists


Lead Growth Consultant

Keenan is an expert at playing the same three songs over the office sound-system. At Longhouse, Keenan is the lead growth consultant and loves strategizing the best path for partners to get the marketing results they’re looking for.


Tech Lead

Austin is a problem solver who helps partners grow as Longhouse’s Tech Lead. Outside of work, Austin loves playing his guitar, especially songs by artists like: Tragically Hip, Joe Satriani or Frank Zappa


Project Manager

Simran brings an eye for detail and the follow-through to get jobs done on-time, on-budget and to great results. In her spare time, Simran bakes everything from cupcakes to cookies.


Content Specialist

Magda is a mother of two who knows how to get stuff done, making her a perfect content specialist at Longhouse. She is an avid photographer and has lots of stories about working on a llama farm.

We Offer More Than Just SEO

Longhouse is a full-service media company that also specializes in web design, business photography, video production, graphic design, digital marketing and more!

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