Technology Consulting

Longhouse Media offers a complete suite of solutions for businesses including web development, custom software, information technology and office systems management. We strive to add value to our partnered companies by incorporating the latest technology into their business model; added value can come in the form of increased profits, reduced stress, saved time or lowered costs!

Web Development & Internet Services

Websites are key to a successful online presence. Without a website, businesses are left losing customers to their competitors who have already invested in the digital age.

Building the perfect website for your business or personal brand is our passion. We start off with a simple consultation to find out exactly what type of website you need, ask your input on design options, technical elements and do a thorough analysis of your goals to assure that your website will have a meaningful impact on your business.

We take care of web hosting, domain registration, business email and the maintenance of your website.

Once you have your website it’s important for people to be able to see it!  That is why we offer hosting solutions so that your website can be viewed by the world. Web hosting is the service needed by all websites to be viewed on the internet; it is basically like paying for parking or renting a home for your website.  All of our web hosting packages come with an account manager who can answer any question regarding your website as well as a minimum of 1 hour of website updates per month that you can use to change out pictures, update content or other small fixes.

Our team can snag you a domain name at the most competitive rates on the market.  We include free domain registration with any website project we work on. Allow us to secure your .com, .ca, .co, .org or any other domain address available.

We can set-up your business with customized email addresses for your business that will make you stand out and look professional.  You can stop using [email protected] and begin using [email protected]

Maybe you have an existing website and need it upgraded or we have built you a site and you are looking to have us maintain it; Awesome!  We can work out a plan to overhaul a website OR keep it up to date with the latest in security technology and premium plugins that can keep your business safe and aid in converting visitors into sales.

Craft Your Website

Optimized For All Devices

Fully optimized for all devices.  Desktop, mobile and tablet optimization is important to us as it allows for peak accessibility and usability

Social Media Integration

We can connect your website to all of your online profiles so that you can truly connect with your site’s visitors and look professional


Our university educated team can write high quality content to fill your website that will surely convert visitors into clients.

Bromac Mechanical Website on Mobile
Integrated Photos

We integrate your photos into the website; alternatively, our team can select high quality stock photos on your behalf so that the web page flows seamlessly and looks sleek and professional

Custom Colour & Design

All of our websites come with a consultation session you can decide on key website features such as design, colour and feel of your site.  Alternatively, you can leave it in our hands and have the freedom to focus on your business

Graphic Design Services

Often a website doesn’t look complete without some flashy graphics; allow our team to design some bonus graphics to truly set your site apart from the rest of the pack.

Custom Software & Automation Services

Review Boost Pro

Gain valuable 5-star Google, Yelp and Bing reviews while avoiding any bad ones! Our custom made software funnels only the best reviews to your public pages and privately informs you of any constructive criticism.

Database Management & Email Automation

A database should be the greatest asset of a business. Allow us to build your database and then capitalize on that asset to drive in sales through Email marketing.

Customized Solutions

Have a task that needs automating or a specific business problem you think may be solvable with technology; send us a message and we will see what we can do.

Information Technology & Office Solutions

IT Consulting

IT is an important part of every business these days. You need computers that run reliably and office systems that are stable. The alternative is lost productivity; thereby, sign up for one of our monthly IT packages to give yourself peace of mind and for speedy service when needed.

Wired & Wireless Networking

Staying connected to the internet is a must for any business to stay competitive. We can come to your office and set up your devices with both wired and wireless connections. Fast, reliable wifi and direct cabled connections at your location offered at competitive prices.

IP PBX Phone Systems

Reach clients reliably with the most cost effective technology available! We come to your office and set you up with the best telephone management solution available on the market; we’ll even provide the training!
*Offered in conjunction with a local business partner

Cabling Services

We offer quick, clean and professional voice and data cabling, server room design, fibre optics and re-cabling services to keep your office running smooth and preventing unnecessary service outages
*Offered in conjunction with a local business partner