3 Ways SEO Techniques Can Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

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From increasing sales to enhancing a business’s rapport with its customers, Search Engine Optimization has established itself as a much-needed factor in any digital media strategy that desires to succeed. Through the use of this game-changing approach, millions of website owners around the world have effectively harnessed the power of the internet and achieved success beyond expectation. 

While the billion-dollar Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry may be commonly associated with websites alone, however, the same SEO techniques that you use on your website can also be used in your social media.

When used effectively and matched up with the right applications, various SEO techniques can help your social media pages gain a similar impact as an optimized website. From a marketing standpoint, it’s easy to see why SEO techniques can be easily carried over to a social media campaign because of the similarities of websites and profiles. Likewise, the only difference is the content used and the application of techniques.

The difference between good and great social media marketing campaign lies in how a digital marketer uses various SEO techniques. If you’ve been looking for a way to give your social media marketing campaigns a much-needed boost for success, here are three SEO techniques that you can apply to see results right away:

SEO-social media technique #1: Post more often, and post with quality

This particular tip works in the same way that websites thrive on a stream on blog posts or various types of content, gaining more followers and domain authority in the process. It may seem like a no-brainer, but the high-quality, high-frequency approach that SEO practitioners use to build backlinks also works extremely well on social media platforms. 

Aside from building up your social media page’s authority, however, posting high-quality posts more often on social media helps tremendously with increasing engagement. This essentially acts as the very life force of your brand’s relevance. 

SEO-social media technique #2: Make use of your keywords

One error that most digital marketers make is that they regard keywords as a “website-only” ordeal. However, when in actuality, your social media posts will benefit from using keywords as well. Social media platforms have their own search engines—albeit they don’t have the same degree of technicality as Google—all of which promote posts based on the use of a certain keyword. 

Instagram hashtag research using a free keyword research tool
There are many free keyword/hashtag research tools to find the most popular keywords to use in your social media posts.

Adding keywords that your target audience would most likely use to find content and pages such as your own will help enhance the overall effectivity of your social media posts. For example, if you have a social media page that covers boxing, it’s ideal to scatter terms about the latest title match, such as the names, location, and official event hashtags. 

SEO-social media technique #3: Use your social media image posts wisely

Similar to how a website benefits from high-quality images, they will also help your social media pages gather a greater number of results through attraction and relevance. The power of images to draw attention and convey messages better is undeniable, especially when the picture lines up with the text attached to it. Modern social media users tend to react and engage based on a mere image alone, which makes it essential to include high-quality images in your strategy.

Smart social media tactics entail using SEO techniques that go far beyond the scope of websites to your advantage. If you’ve been looking to give your overall digital marketing strategy a boost in performance, it’s best to get started on incorporating the three techniques mentioned in this article right away! 

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