5 Way to Upgrade Your Consultancy’s Social Media Campaigns

Using Facebook in your consulting business

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, social media has become an indispensable tool that can be used to preach your brand to the multitudes. Social media enables consulting companies, in particular, to promote their officials and employees as authoritative persons that command the respect of the industry they represent. Far from the generic messaging of marketing through traditional media, social media has facilitated consulting companies’ dissemination of more personalized messaging to their target audiences.

With the help of social media, consulting companies have bolstered their reputation and strengthened their communication and reach on their intended market base. This, in turn, translates to making more sales and closing more deals. For your consulting company to pull off this kind of success, however, you have to get your social media campaign done right.

Here are five tips that may come in handy:

Come up with a unique hashtag that strikes a chord with your target audience

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Using hashtags that contain your target city followed by “business” are effective for having your posts seen by potential clients in your area.

When certain issues relevant to your consultancy business become trendy, including hashtags of these issues in your social media traffic can help your brand ride on the wave of people who are suddenly becoming interested in the matter. Suppose a celebrity couple divorced, and discussion of their divorce has gained traction in social media discussions. If you are a legal consulting firm, you can add a witty hashtag that plays on the name of the celebrity couple at the end of a post discussing the benefits of getting a divorce lawyer.

This does not mean you have to wait for an event that has the potential to become a trend before you publish your posts with the right hashtags. You can use relevant specific hashtags at the end of a post that discusses dating tips, first aid, time management, or any topic that is relevant to your consulting expertise. Posts with these specific hashtags are likely to show up in the newsfeed of your target audience who might be interested in the topic you are discussing.

Track your content’s performance

You may know that you posted the right content at the right time for the right audience, but how do you know that it is helping you achieve your strategic objectives? There are social media monitoring platforms that you can use – Hootsuite, for instance – where you can track the performance of all of your social media channels and content in one place. With these monitoring platforms, you can see which of your posts resonate most with your target audience and which don’t get picked up. You can then use the performance data to make changes in how you create and publish your content so that your posts can be improved.

Engage with your audience in a way that reflects their expectations

Social media serves as your consulting firm’s virtual representative. It should reflect the dignified demeanour that people expect from a legal consultancy firm, the quick response of a company that provides first aid advice, or the friendliness of a consulting company that prides itself with customer service. Your social media team and marketing/PR strategists should meet regularly to make sure that your social media campaign’s messages are aligned with the branding and marketing objectives of your firm.

Longhouse Media responding to a Google My Business question
At Longhouse Media, we know the importance of responding to customers questions in a quick and friendly manner in order to meet their expectations of our business.

Use social media to give your consulting firm a human side

Human interaction, albeit virtual, is the mechanism that drives life in social media. Tap into this human ethos by showing a more personal side of your consulting firm. Most people think of consulting firms as run by elite professionals detached from “ordinary people.” Break this misconception by showing and sharing pictures of your team building activities, awards, or community outreach programs in your Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook channels. You can also show your team engaged in work as well or videos of satisfied clients who want to vouch for your quality of service.

By showing the human side of the consulting business, people will be able to see you as a more approachable organization, both online and offline. Humanizing yourself has practical financial implications as well, since potential clients may feel more comfortable reaching out to you for their needs. In the process, you will be able to bolster your consulting company’s brand and generate revenue.

Make sure that you remain flexible and consistent

There is not one second where social media is static. New users join, unexpected events suddenly become trendy, and hundreds of new connections are made. Carrying out your social media tactics requires consistency so that your brand remains competitive in your line of consultancy. At the same time, your campaign should learn to adapt to changes in trends quickly or to hitch a ride on these changes so that your brand remains relevant to your target audience.

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Austin Mallar

Austin Mallar is the lead technology consultant at Longhouse Media. Since a young age, Austin has had a passion for all things tech, always taking it upon himself to understand how complex processes work. Austin has always been a disciplined learner and strives for perfection. From the young age of 12, Austin made a name for himself as a popular guitar YouTuber. Bringing his perfectionist mindset and aptitude for mastering complex systems Austin serves clients as our lead tech consultant. Austin is a veteran of the Computer Information Systems program at the University of the Fraser Valley. His main concentration of study is internet security, a surprisingly under-looked area in today’s Internet of Things day of age. Austin hopes that his academic background and problem solving skills will benefit businesses looking to leverage the internet, software and other technology to their advantage.

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