Tips for a Digital Marketing Resume to Get the Job

Creating an impactful resume in the fast-paced digital marketing industry is crucial. It’s not just about listing your experiences; it’s about showcasing your unique capabilities and demonstrating how you can add value to a company. Here, I’ll share some in-depth insights on what makes a resume truly stand out and how you can make a memorable

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To kick things off, make sure to watch our detailed video where I delve into crafting a standout resume for digital marketing roles. It’s packed with actionable tips and real-world advice to help you refine your resume to perfection.

First Impressions Are Key in Digital Marketing Resumes

Your resume is your first point of contact with a potential employer, and as such, it should be flawless. This means no spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, and a layout that’s both appealing and easy to read. A cluttered or error-ridden resume implies a lack of the meticulous attention to detail that is crucial in digital marketing.

The Value of Learning and Adaptability

In the realm of digital marketing, the ability to quickly adapt and learn new skills is often more valuable than a lengthy academic record. While degrees show dedication, the digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, and agility is key. Highlight experiences where you’ve had to learn new platforms or adapt strategies on the fly—these are real-world skills that hiring managers look for.

Humanize Your Application

Digital marketing is ultimately about connecting with people, whether it’s colleagues or customers. Your resume should reflect your ability to understand and engage with different perspectives. Include personal interests and hobbies to give a glimpse into your personality. This not only makes you more relatable but also shows that you are likely to gel well with other team members.

Relevant Experience and Transferable Skills

While direct experience in digital marketing is beneficial, don’t overlook relevant transferable skills you may have acquired in other fields. Skills such as leadership, creative thinking, and problem-solving are invaluable. For instance, if you managed a project in a previous job, detail how your leadership led to its success. These insights offer tangible evidence of your capability to handle similar challenges in a digital marketing role.

The Importance of a Custom Cover Letter

A generic cover letter can be spotted from a mile away and often ends up in the rejection pile. Use the cover letter to personalize your application, tell your story, and explain why you’re passionate about joining the company. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you’ve researched the company and understand its culture and goals.

Showcase Technical and Soft Skills

Digital marketing requires a blend of technical skills and soft skills. Be sure to list the specific marketing tools and platforms you’re proficient in, such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite, or HubSpot. Additionally, emphasize your communication and collaboration skills, which are essential for working effectively in team-based projects.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Show a commitment to continuous learning by listing any recent training or certification courses relevant to digital marketing. This could include courses on SEO, content marketing, or data analytics. Demonstrating a commitment to keeping your skills current suggests a proactive attitude and a readiness to take on new challenges.

Feedback and Results

Whenever possible, include feedback or results from past roles. For instance, if a campaign you ran significantly increased engagement or sales, mention these statistics. Concrete results are compelling proof of your effectiveness and can make a strong case for your candidacy.

Formatting Matters

Your resume’s format can significantly impact its readability and professionalism. Use clear headings, bullet points, and consistent formatting to make important information easy to find. A clean, professional design can make a big difference in how your application is perceived.


Your resume and cover letter are not just formalities—they are your marketing tools, showcasing your skills, personality, and potential. They should be compelling, well-crafted, and reflect a clear understanding of the digital marketing landscape. At Longhouse Media, we value candidates who are not only skilled but are also enthusiastic about growing with us as we navigate the exciting challenges of the digital world.

By following these tips, you’ll not only increase your chances of landing the job but also set the stage for a thriving career in digital marketing or any other field where adaptability and innovation are valued.

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Keenan Beavis is a Growth Consultant with Longhouse Media. Longhouse’s services include websites, digital marketing, social media management, videography and graphic design. Past projects of Keenan’s include, a YouTube channel where he was awarded for being the 27th most viewed YouTuber in Canada and a chain of online niche clothing stores under the banner of ‘JK Design Team’. Realizing his aptitude for developing businesses online, Keenan decided to help others grow their businesses and personal brands through technology by founding the media company, Longhouse.

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