A $15,000 Government Funded Marketing Plan + a $2,400 Grant to Grow Your Business Online

Canadian Digital Adoption Plan

“Boost Your Business Technology” - A Comprehensive Marketing Audit and Competitor Analysis

Growing your business is hard work; but with the Longhouse team and CDAP, we can help.

You receive $15,000 (to cover 90% of the $16,500 total) for a marketing audit, analysis of competitors and a 12-month custom strategy plan.

With this program you will receive a growth plan that can include opportunities such as…

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Public Relations (Media, Awards, Podcasts and Partnerships)
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Photography & Video
  • Technology and Other Marketing Methods
This plan will uncover your strengths and highlight opportunities.

You will know how to stand out in your market and generate more leads.

We will customize the plan to your unique needs to highlight the path that will help grow your business the most.

Some bonuses are also provided. For an investment of $1,500; you can receive:

A $16,500 Digital Adoption Plan (Marketing Audit and Competitor Analysis)

A $7,300 Wage Subsidy - to hire a student who can implement the plan

An up to $100,000 5-year interest free loan (0%!)

All you need to do is have these items ready:

Verification is fast; it’s just important to have all of the above information handy.  Otherwise you may get stuck and need to contact your accountant.

Longhouse has extensive experience with the CDAP program and has a 100% approval rate for Digital Adoption Plans. We are happy to assist in getting you applied and look forward to getting you the funding you need.

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