Man with video camera at a business commercial shoot

Digital Marketing 101: The Three Stages of Video Production

Three important stages are behind the creation of a professionally produced video. Pre-production, filming and editing are the sequential stages in order to produce the highest-quality video possible. In this post, we discuss what goes into each stage of the video production process.

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Videographer at a video production shoot
Keenan Beavis

Media Case Study: BioScan Wellness Center

With a moderate budget and some of the tools offered by Longhouse such as video marketing and Facebook advertising, we generated many leads for Dr Sammy’s team of nutritionists and Doctors of Natural medicine.

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Using Facebook in your consulting business
Austin Mallar

5 Way to Upgrade Your Consultancy’s Social Media Campaigns

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, social media has become an indispensable tool that can be used to preach your brand to the multitudes. Social media enables consulting companies, in particular, to promote their officials and employees as authoritative persons that command the respect of the industry they represent. Far from the generic messaging of marketing through traditional media, social media has facilitated consulting companies’ dissemination of more personalized messaging to their target audiences.

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Keenan Beavis, Sydney Powers and videographer Aze at a business commercial shoot
Keenan Beavis

What Goes on Behind the Scenes at a Corporate Video Production Agency?

As a video production agency, Longhouse values creativity and design. As a media company, Longhouse strives for well executed marketing and business positioning. Because of this, at our corporate video shoots, we send a well-rounded team of at least one video expert and one member of our marketing team to be sure that the video we are producing for your business will accomplish your business goals as well as look great.

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Longhouse Media is a Canadian business located in Vancouver, British Columbia that serves new, growing and established businesses.   Longhouse provides customers with synergistic digital solutions that add value to businesses and personal brands.  We keep up to date on the latest technology and growth strategies so you can focus on running your business! Some of the services we offer are: websites, digital advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Google Adwords, social media management, video production and graphic design.

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