Why You Need a Google My Business Profile | “What is Google Business”

This will be a quick write-up to answer your question “What is Google Business” and why you definitely should sign-up for a Google verified ‘MyBusiness’ Listing. Google Business is a Verification Platform That Allows Business Owners to Do 3 Things The three things that Google MyBusiness allows a business owner/manager to do are: Verify that they are a legitimate business

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“Website Using Copyrighted Images” Scam

“Your website is infringing on my copyright” is a new automated e-mail going around that we delve into in our latest ‘Scam Radar’. We answer if this email is a scam. and say exactly what a virus acquired like this could potentially do.

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Keenan Beavis

Bromac Mechanical: Longhouse Media Case Study

Bromac Mechanical has had a long-term on-going partnership with Longhouse. Since early 2017, Bromac and Longhouse have worked together on numerous projects that have helped attract more customers to Bromac’s plumbing and heating services.

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Local SEO Factors to Consider In 2020 – What to Know

Local SEO will get more robust and improved in 2020, as more and more businesses realize the opportunities it provides. Consider the valuable information regarding local SEO mentioned in this article so that you can begin integrating these changes early on to benefit your business.

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Illustration of users using a social media application
Austin Mallar

3 Ways SEO Techniques Can Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

Smart social media tactics entail using SEO techniques that go far beyond the scope of websites to your advantage. If you’ve been looking to give your overall digital marketing strategy a boost in performance, it’s best to get started on incorporating the three techniques mentioned in this article right away!

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About Longhouse Media

Longhouse Media is a Canadian business located in Vancouver, British Columbia that serves new, growing and established businesses.   Longhouse provides customers with synergistic digital solutions that add value to businesses and personal brands.  We keep up to date on the latest technology and growth strategies so you can focus on running your business! Some of the services we offer are: websites, digital advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Google Adwords, social media management, video production and graphic design.

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