Guidelines to Better Understand Various Types of Digital Ads

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For the past ten years, digital advertising has dominated the marketing sector, and this trend will only grow. Therefore, keeping up with the times is crucial for businesses, advertisers, and marketers! 

But how are you supposed to stay on top of all the different digital advertising options? Ongoing research ensures they are fully aware of all the different types. So, it’s great that you found our guide to the various kinds of digital advertising!

1. Display Advertising

Banner placement on websites that publish advertisements is referred to as display advertising. To persuade users to click the banner and go to the destination URL, advertisements in banners may also contain images, audio, video, or text. 

Display ads have a lower click-through rate (CTR) than paid search ads because they are not always relevant to the user’s context. However, display advertisements are an excellent way to promote your brand and raise consumer awareness.

2. Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertisements appear atop relevant search engine results on Bing and Google. A paid search is a text ad typically consisting of a headline, description, and a link to the destination URL.

They are typically more relevant to the viewer’s intentions than display advertisements because search queries trigger them. 

Display advertisements typically have a lower click-through rate and generate fewer conversions than paid search advertisements.

3. Native Advertising

Native advertising is integrated into the platform’s content or does not obstruct the user’s navigation. You can use this digital advertising format to showcase your creativity.

The ads will provide a seamless user experience while entertaining, surprising, and adding value to your target audience. In actuality, native ads are frequently referred to as “anti-ads.” Respecting users’ privacy and using native advertising to connect them to the content they want to consume is the solution to ad blockers.

4. Video Advertising

The majority of the time that smartphone users spend on their devices each day is spent watching online videos. As mobile video consumption keeps growing, video advertising is becoming a common way for businesses to connect with consumers and deliver compelling messages that lead to clicks and sales.

5. Social Media Advertising

When a business or online marketer spends money to promote content on a social platform, that is known as social media advertising. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter are the most used social media sites for advertising.

The ability for audiences to like, share, and comment on promoted content on social media is its main benefit. This broadens the audience for social media advertising campaigns and generates many low-cost interactions, raising brand recognition and sales. 

6. Remarketing

With an online display that skilfully uses information from web pages to show users personalized advertisements, this kind of advertising goes further. Remarketing uses user cookie-collected data to deliver ads more relevant to their most recent actions.

It can be used, for instance, to remind users of a product and persuade them to finish the transaction if they added an item to their online shopping cart but did not proceed with the purchase. This enables you to produce current and pertinent advertising, which raises your chances of success.


Since no two businesses are alike, each will always have a unique marketing plan. With this knowledge, we hope you can better understand the various forms of digital marketing and how they can help your company. Digital advertising offers numerous opportunities for creativity.

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