Keenan Beavis, Sydney Powers and videographer Aze at a business commercial shoot

What Goes on Behind the Scenes at a Corporate Video Production Agency?

As a video production agency, Longhouse values creativity and design. As a business consulting company, Longhouse strives for well executed marketing and business positioning. Because of this, at our corporate video shoots, we send a well-rounded team of at least one video expert and one member of our marketing team to be sure that the video we are producing for your business will accomplish your business goals as well as look great.

Landing pages are part of a sales funnel. This picture shows a landing page for Longhouse's video services.

3 Steps to Create an Effective Sales Funnel That Will Grow Your Business

The three steps that are crucial to creating an effective sales funnel in today’s digital economy are videography, digital marketing such as Facebook ads, and landing pages. What makes these three steps so crucial? How do they work together? This article should answer some questions and give you a framework to grow your business.

Approximately 40 members of Marcus Soares BJJ Team in Vancouver

Marcus Soares Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: A Longhouse Consulting Case Study

Marcus Soares BJJ took a leap of faith and trusted Longhouse very early into our businesses launch. It brings me a lot of joy to write this update after approximately 18 months of partnering up to grow their business. Over 140 new registrations later, Marcus Soares BJJ has begun offering more class times and programming …

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