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Aldor Acres is a family-owned farm located in Glen Valley, just 5km east of Fort Langley. Their main crop is pumpkins, but they are open year-round with Christmas trees available in the winter and pop-up openings throughout all seasons!

Home Page | Aldor Acres | Longhouse Media

In 1988, owners and grandparents Albert and Dorothy (Al-Dor) put a small sign and a jar at the end of the road and sold pumpkins on the honour system. It became a hit with the community, and soon they were giving hayrides around the pumpkin patch to provide an educational and hands-on experience for guests.

Our Web Design team worked alongside Aldor Acres to create a brand new website with a clean and modern look while still keeping their ‘original elements’ as well as implementing a new online ticketing system.

The Thought Process Behind Our Work

Our team was excited for everyone at Aldor Acres, so we did a quick website breakdown video going through the site and some of the meanings behind the small touches that we added in. Interested in seeing the thought process behind some of our work? Check out our video!

Our Challenge: Creative Website Design While Retaining Their Original Elements and an Updated Online Ticketing System

The Aldor Acres’ website had not seen any significant updates since it was first launched in 2002, so it was in desperate need of an overhaul, to say the least!

Next, our web design team began to build a plan to implement an efficient, cost-effective system for selling online tickets to the farm and its events. Their old system which they used every season, was costing them $1.50 off of every transaction, which added up to thousands of dollars lost every month.

Our Solution: An Updated Website and Brand New Ticketing System

Staying true to the original site, we kept the same streamlined style and simple colour palette of green, blue, orange, and white.

The homepage was redesigned to now inform you and other site viewers information that you would want to know right away when you load the site, such as the farm’s seasonal hours and where to purchase tickets for an upcoming event.

As we move down the homepage, we get to see more of what Aldor Acres is known for: their pumpkins and animals. This is followed by a quick bio about the family and a button to take you directly to the About Us page where you can learn more about the Andersons and the history of their farm. Just below that, we have a quick spotlight of the different events Aldor Acres hosts and a shortcut to the Things to Do page where you can find out more.

Tickets | Aldor Acres | Longhouse Media

The old ticketing system Aldor Acres used was costing them $1.50 of every transaction and was outdated, to say the least. With the new system we implemented, they now only pay a fraction of that per transaction and as an added bonus, the new ticketing system is extremely efficient so Aldor Acres is not only saving money, but they’re also saving time!

About Us Page | Aldor Acres | Anderson Family

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, putting a face to the name is so important! Our web design team always pushes to have either headshot of you and your staff on the ‘About Us’ section of a website or a team photo. When you, as a site viewer are able to see the face behind the business and its cause, you’re more likely to make a connection with the business without even realizing it.

A family photo is a great way to build rapport with potential customers. It shows exactly who you’re working with and adds to that community feel that Aldor Acres is all about!

This also tells a story and shows how many Anderson family members are involved with running the farm since they are now a third-generation farm. Not only that, but it also makes each and every family member look like a superstar!

The Results of Our Partnership:

“Keenan, Austin, & the Longhouse Media team blew us away with their professionalism, skills, & customer service. As farmers at Aldor Acres Family Farm, we really had no idea where to start. They walked us through everything & put our vision in place perfectly. They not only redid our entire website & built an online ticketing system catered to our needs, they also helped us launch everything & revise things at the last minute. They didn’t just leave us on our own & they are still there when we have a question! We couldn’t say better things about these guys and their business!” -Katie, Aldor Acres

Longhouse Media is happy to report great feedback has been received from Aldor Acres and we look forward to maintaining a positive working relationship with them!

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