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The Key Elements of a Strong Corporate Identity

In the vast sea of fierce competitors, how can your business ensure your corporate identity is well-represented, relevant, and visible to your consumers? It all boils down to your corporate design, which includes graphic design and strategy to help your company gain an edge over your competition.

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8 Reasons Why Branding is an Important Element of a Modern Businesses

Branding is how the general public perceives your business. It includes every element – the core philosophy, customer support, and visual elements. All of these aspects of a business play a role in creating the identity of the company, which forms the essence of a brand.

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Business Consulting Case Study: BioScan Wellness Center

With a moderate budget and some of the tools offered by Longhouse such as video marketing and Facebook advertising, we generated many leads for Dr Sammy’s team of nutritionists and Doctors of Natural medicine.

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What Goes on Behind the Scenes at a Corporate Video Production Agency?

As a video production agency, Longhouse values creativity and design. As a business consulting company, Longhouse strives for well executed marketing and business positioning. Because of this, at our corporate video shoots, we send a well-rounded team of at least one video expert and one member of our marketing team to be sure that the video we are producing for your business will accomplish your business goals as well as look great.

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How to Save A Struggling Business: Practical Business Consulting

How do you save a struggling business? If a company is losing money, how do you fix it? These 3 steps are how you can improve your business. In order to save your business, you must create a sales funnel, stand out from your competition and invest in crushing your competition with SEO.

Brand Identity

Steps to Developing a New Brand Identity

If you want your company to become successful, it is important to establish a strong brand identity early on. Developing and designing a brand identity is a process that requires creativity and a lot of thinking.

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Video Production: A Spotlight on One of Our Business Consulting Services

The Longhouse team of business consultants includes highly talented videographers whose video production work can produce great commercials for your company.

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How to Effectively Scale Your Facebook Advertising

If you want to scale your Facebook advertising efforts, then it is crucial that you go about it very carefully. One of the most important things that you need to understand is that you cannot just spend more money and expect better results overnight.

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Why Our Business Consulting Company Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Why Our Business Consulting Company Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin is efficient, permissionless and there is a limited supply of Bitcoin

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How to Create a Strong Brand For Your Business

The heart of every business is not only its people but its brand. It is a way of defining your business to yourself, your employees, and your audience.