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Bromac Mechanical has had a long-term on-going partnership with Longhouse.  Since early 2017, Bromac and Longhouse have worked together on numerous projects that have helped attract more customers to Bromac’s plumbing and heating services.

Longhouse’s team of web designers was first enlisted to create a new website that not only looked great and increased conversions but also increased new customers through search engine optimization (Google Rankings).

Our Challenge: Gain Customers Through Google Rankings, a New Website, Graphic Design and Advertising on Google

Plumbing is a competitive industry and as such it is becoming progressively harder for businesses to stand out.  There are big players in the plumbing industry and a lot of smaller companies who do not usually have the budget to invest heavily into growing their online presence.

Our goal when making Bromac’s site was to make it better than the big names in the plumbing industry, thereby establishing credibility with visitors, making the sales process simple and making sure it shows up as a top result for numerous Google searches.

Once the website was complete we began an aggressive Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.  

Bromac Mechanical also does a lot of local print advertising and Longhouse Media is hired to fulfill various graphic design needs such as flyers, brochures, half page ads and more.  These local prints are distributed locally in Langley, Abbotsford, Surrey and Chilliwack.

The Solution: Website Building with Content Writing, Graphic Design, Google Advertising and the Implementation of SEO Best Practices on the Business Website

When looking at other industry sites, we noticed that only the multi-million dollar plumbing companies were investing in showing up on Google search results.  The number one way we found to do this was to have a ‘content rich’ website that leverages the uncompetitive ‘long tail keywords’ that someone may search for organically such as “X Service in X City” or “Is my X broken”.  We found that these have been highly successful as we are not competing with nearly as much competition on such keywords while still ranking on the first page for the major keyword “Plumbing Abbotsford”. Our mindset is that it is much better to be in the top 3 for many keywords than to be in the top 30 of many more competitive keywords.  This strategy has worked great for Bromac!

Bromac gave us full freedom on the design of the website as well as on the content.  For Bromac’s website we wrote over 12 unique service pages with SEO rich text. The package purchased by Bromac was a ‘no-Headache’ solution, meaning that it included everything to get the site live and we did not need to bother him for information about his business, ask for photos or anything.  We handled everything while he was able to continue running his business.

Our pay-per-click campaigns have gone great and we continue to partner with Bromac on this front.  We seemingly end up pausing the campaign every second month due to “Too many calls to fulfill” a great problem to have as a business and one we don’t mind pausing for!

The graphic design services we provide for Brody at Bromac often end up in local newspapers, magazines, email blasts, as social media posts and more.  He tells us the dimensions and a general idea of what he wants it to say and we make it happen!  

A mobile phone mockup featuring the black and orange home page of the Bromac Mechanical website on a Samsung Note 9 with stylus.
Our web builders design websites to be beautiful on all devices.

The Results of Our Partnership: Improved SEO and a High Conversion Rate on the Website

The website results have been incredible, the design is popular with customers and the process that a customer goes through from search-click-contacting Bromac is straightforward and has increased conversions overall.  Our primary goal was to have such a professional website and simple process that nobody who visits the website should have a reason to click off and check out a competitor.

The search results have been fantastic in regards to Search Engine Optimization.  Each month has shown thousands of increased views and clicks on Google and Bing than what was previously being generated.  Another area of SEO we wanted to target was Google Local/Google Maps. Ranking high in a tight local vicinity is huge for competitive industries such as tradesman so we wanted to be sure that the website was optimized to improve their rankings on Google Maps as well.

Our Google Ads average cost-per-click of between $8 and $20 depending on the keyword and have been highly scalable meaning that the return on investment consistently exceeds the cost.  We only pause the campaigns when Bromac is too busy to accept more work!

The website for Bromac Mechanical can be seen here.

Search Engine Optimization Company That Improves Google Rankings

Recently, Longhouse Media has become Bromac’s monthly Search Engine Optimization specialists. We write monthly blog content, improve the on-site SEO, linkbuild and more. The results? Steady improvements to the site’s rankings for important keywords that will increase organic sales. All of this leads to getting them to the top 3 search results on Google Search.

We do significant keyword research and then target keywords that we think we can effectively improve to first page rankings over a 3-6 month period of time. Once these keywords are on the first page, Bromac will begin getting a significant steady boost in business. More ideally is when we place these keywords to the top 3 on Google.

The Partner’s Thoughts on Our Marketing Results

Keenan and his team has done an amazing job with Bromac’s online marketing!

From building the website to putting in google adwords, I have full faith that longhouse consulting can get the job done and  help keep money in your pockets. We will continue using Longhouse for all of our online marketing needs. Keep up the great work!

Brody Mcintosh – Owner of Bromac Mechanical

Photo of Brody Mcintosh the founder of Bromac Mechanical, a local plumbing company in Abbotsford.  He is standing in front of a blue background.
Brody Mcintosh – Founder of Bromac Mechanical

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Keenan Beavis is a Growth Consultant with Longhouse Media. Longhouse’s services include websites, digital marketing, social media management, videography and graphic design. Past projects of Keenan’s include, a YouTube channel where he was awarded for being the 27th most viewed YouTuber in Canada and a chain of online niche clothing stores under the banner of ‘JK Design Team’. Realizing his aptitude for developing businesses online, Keenan decided to help others grow their businesses and personal brands through technology by founding the media company, Longhouse.

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