How was everyone’s last couple of days? Christmas just passed by and we hope you and your families were able to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Did you do anything interesting/holiday-related recently? 

If we haven’t spoken for a while we’d love to start off 2021 with reconnecting.  This year has the potential to be awesome.

Longhouse Media Wins A Business Award! 

Not too long ago, Keenan Beavis, Longhouse’s Lead Growth Consultant was awarded the annual Indigenous ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award from the BC Achievement Foundation. We are unbelievably grateful for the recognition we have received through this prestigious award. 

We even had the honour of being featured on Metis Nation British Columbia’s website. They wrote an amazing article of Keenan, about how Longhouse developed and what we strive to accomplish as a business. 

The BC Achievement Foundation also created a video about Longhouse and we would love for you to check it out!

The BC Achievement Foundation also created a video about Longhouse and we would love for you to check it out!  Huge thank you to Rob Houston of TPI Langley, Andre Pienaar of Ascension the Musical and Elizabeth Stolzenberg for giving an interview to the BC Achievement team!

Some Recent Work with New People!

Longhouse very recently worked with a Local Dog Breeding company called ‘A Golden’s Love.’ It was founded and is run by Bliss Cormons.

We created a website for ‘A Goldens Love.’ which includes Bliss’s story, how she came to breeding puppies and a gallery of all the puppies Bliss has bred. If you want to see some adorable puppies check out the ‘Galley’ on her website (Click the photo above). 

We are working with a Moblie Denture Clinic. SureFit Denture Clinic is a denture service unit that can come to YOU to give you a quick and easy experience. Our web design team worked with SureFit and created an amazing one-paged website best suited for you the viewer. 

Check out their social media and website to see and learn more! (Click the photo above). 

What Some Of Our Customers Say About Us

“I am so happy to have met Keenan and it was a privilege to work with him and his Longhouse team. Longhouse worked magic to create my unique logo for my mortgage business. They were quick, extremely efficient and had no problems at all with my pickiness. They truly understood how to work with me and catered their style to my needs. I look forward to working with you again and highly recommend anyone reading this to check out their site or simply call them to get their advice.”

– Rashid Jalil, Mortgage Broker

Keenan’s Quick Tip

One of the key ways to help grow your business is through ‘Google Reviews.’ Encouraging your partners/clients/people you have worked with to leave a review of how their experience was working with you, can go a long way!

Two ways Google Reviews can help you:

1. Google Reviews help rank you higher on search results
2. Posting Google Revies on your Social Media pages, establishes credibility. 

For more tips, check our blog.

What Is Your Goal For 2021?

Do you do goal setting for your business? 

We are taking goal setting more seriously this year and would love to talk to you and share our goals for the year.  Maybe we can keep each other’s businesses accountable on hitting the benchmarks we both set!

Picture of Simran Rai

Simran Rai

As a photography major in school and a keen interest in video production, Simran serves Longhouse as a key member of the content team. Simran has a keen eye for detail and great skill in project management.

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