In March, Longhouse Media had the pleasure of working with Key Largo Electric! Key Largo has been in business since 1995 and offers BC Hydro secondary services.

Homepage | Key Largo Electric | The Team

Key Largo’s focus is maintaining their excellent working relationship with the public, homeowners, and contractors, as well as setting the highest standards of safety for employees to ensure they are supported in their work.

BC Hydro’s direct contract with Key Largo means that issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently without the need for difficult work orders or additional paperwork, allowing the Key Largo team to begin work immediately while keeping safety as the top priority.

The Thought Process Behind Our Work

Our team was excited for everyone at Key Largo Electric, so we did a quick website breakdown video going through the site and some of the meanings behind the small touches that we added in. Interested in seeing the thought process behind some of our work? Check out our video!

Our Challenge: Create a Concise Website, Providing a Detailed Overview of Key Largo Electric

The two key points to highlight for Key Largo were their services and company philosophy.

We felt the best way to emphasize their services and company values was to implement the following:

  1.  An “Our Services” shortcut on the homepage
  2. A Clean, Minimalistic Design that doesn’t bombard the viewer
  3. Spotlight Key Largo’s philosophy and industry experience

No one wants to be greeted by massive blocks of text when visiting a website. Additionally, you shouldn’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom of a page to find what you’re looking for.

By offering the option of a shortcut to Key Largo’s services, anyone who’s short on time can get to what they’re looking for right away.

Services Page I Key Largo Electric I Longhouse Media

The Solution: Develop a Clean Website, Provide a Detailed Overview, and a Photography Session

A video header is our favourite way to grab a site visitor’s attention and keep them engaged. We used footage of Key Largo’s equipment adorned with their wonderful colour scheme along with beautiful aerial footage of the Lower Mainland. Finally, it ends with a group photo of the Key Largo team.

Key Largo Electric I Homepage Video Header I Longhouse Media

The header features an “Our Services” button which takes you right to the services Key Largo offers, along with a shortcut to the contact form to schedule an appointment and further discuss your options.

We then move to a brief overview of who Key Largo are and what they do. From here, their reputation as a COR Certified Business and 26 years of industry experience are spotlighted.

The next pages highlight Key Largo’s commitment to strong working relationships as well as their commitment to being there for their team to ensure employees are supported at work and in the field.

Team Page | Key Largo Electric | Longhouse Media

A team photo is a great way to build rapport with potential customers. It lets you see the faces behind the name and shows exactly who you’re working with! It is also important to show all the different team members you are working with when buying their services. Plus, it makes the employees look like superstars!

The Results of Our Partnership:

Longhouse Media is happy to report great feedback has been received from Key Largo Electric and we look forward to maintaining a positive working relationship with them!

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