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We try to highlight our partners as much as we can!

New Face Alert:  Simran Joins Longhouse!

We have recently hired Simran as a content specialist and assistant project manager! I met Simran when I was running a volunteer program for the City of Langley which Simran was part of.  She immediately impressed me with her ability to connect with people and get tasks done in an organized, and ‘beyond-expectations’ way.

She also has a keen interest in social media, graphic design and photography!  Making her a great person to join Longhouse!

Some Projects Our Marketing and Branding Company Has Worked on Recently

A Set of Marketing Videos for the City of Langley by Our Video Production Company!

We did a fun project this past month highlighting the safety precautions the City of Langley is undertaking in their facilities to be Covid-Safe!

You might see a few familiar faces in this video.. 🤣

City of Langley | Covid Re-Opening of Recreation | Longhouse Media Video Production

Bliss on a Budget Luxury Wholesale Mattresses: Longhouse Media Web Design

Bliss on a Budget Luxury Wholesale Mattresses is the best way to get a value bed solution in Canada.

Longhouse created their e-commerce website that highlights their products and includes features like a “Find Your Fit, Mattress Quiz”.

On our Facebook page, we posted a video where Austin describes how the backend of that quiz was developed.

Working with Interiomasters: Facebook Ads and Email Marketing

Their wall panels can make any room or office look great.  They are eco-friendly and surprisingly affordable.

Interiomasters has one of the coolest products we’ve seen in a long time.  Luxury 3D wall panels that are roughly equal in price to nice wallpaper!

We are running ads that collect emails and then following up with an automated email campaign designed by us.

Wall Designed by Interiomasters

A Recent Partner Review: Duchess

Products from Duchess Cosmopolitans

“Austin is killer – responded right away, quick to get work done, and cost effective. I actually had another web designer turn the job down because it was too much work, Austin did it in under 4 hours. Would recommend wholeheartedly.”

– Leighton Hay of Duchess Cosmopolitans

Quick Social Media Tip!

Social Media posts shouldn’t be thought of as a way to ‘pull’ in new customers. 

I like to think of it as a ‘hug’; meaning that good social media posts that establish your credibility, likeability and also gives an easy way for someone to get in touch can be the deal closer (the hug) that locks people into choosing you instead of your competitors.

Focus your content on stuff that adds value and improves your credibility.  Avoid overusing call-to-actions that seem pushy such as “BUY NOW” or “Message us to book a session” because it can push potential clients away.  Instead, post interesting fun facts, customer reviews (lets other people be your sales person), or ask your followers engaging questions (Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms love posts with lots of comments)

-Keenan Beavis

Picture of Keenan Beavis

Keenan Beavis

Keenan Beavis is a Growth Consultant with Longhouse Media. Longhouse’s services include websites, digital marketing, social media management, videography and graphic design. Past projects of Keenan’s include, a YouTube channel where he was awarded for being the 27th most viewed YouTuber in Canada and a chain of online niche clothing stores under the banner of ‘JK Design Team’. Realizing his aptitude for developing businesses online, Keenan decided to help others grow their businesses and personal brands through technology by founding the media company, Longhouse.

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