2020 was an unexpected year but 2021 is a new year, with a new start for all of us! Did you have any goals/resolutions for your business this year? 

We would love to hear from you and what your 2021 plans are. Let’s make this year as great as it can be!

Working with a Cool Non-Profit!

Longhouse has been working with a non-profit organization called Mitacs. Mitacs provides a number of different resources to give students and businesses/organizations the opportunity to experiment and reach a number of different goals and develop new projects. 

Recently, we had the opportunity to give Mitacs a new landing page, both in English and French. The page includes their highlights, success stories, projects, and an overview of their efforts to work with Canada’s Indigenous population. 

Valley Laser Eye Centre, Social Media Success!

Longhouse has been running social media for Valley Laser Eye Centre for a couple of years now and recently decided to try something new.

We find it to be very important and key for you as patients to get to know the people you are investing your money and time with. As a solution, we started “Meet the Team Mondays” for VLEC.

Every Monday, we have a staff member’s headshot posted to all social media platforms along with an introduction/little bit about them.

Meet the Team Monday I Examples I VLEC

As a result, VLEC has had an overall increase in their engagement rate on all its social media platforms. Comparing their results from September-October (before ‘Meet the Team Mondays’) versus November-January, their Facebook page’s gross ‘like’ rate has increased as well as their share rate has doubled. 

Along with the increased post quality, VLEC’s Google My Business profile audience has also grown. Their views on maps have now increased by 9.4% with 969 more people, phone rates have increased by 10% and their search numbers have gone up by 11.5% at 1,142 searches.

New Content Coming Soon from Longhouse!

New Content Coming Soon I Longhouse Media 

Recently, the Video Production team at Longhouse has been working up a new video concept that we are very excited to share with all of YOU!

Curious to see what is it, check out our teaser trailer found on our YouTube channel (click the thumbnail above) and Facebook Page.  

Landing Page I Livingroom I Fort Langley

Longhouse has revamped LivingRoom in Fort Langley’s online store by adding some new products. LivingRoom has added a selection of new items for you to shop for such as a number of new candle lines, home decor items, accessories and more.

Our web design team worked to add new items in an ‘easy to access way’ for you, the viewers to see and our photography team captured images to ensure the products fit into the clean aesthetic. 

If you’re looking for some new home items, check out LivingRoom’s website! (Click the photo above).

Landing Page I C2C Gold Corp

We are working with a Gold Mining Company! This was definitely a fun project to be a part of.

Our web development team created a website for C2C Gold Corp with easy to navigate home page, menu items and ‘Contact Us’ page. Our graphic design team also created a new logo for them to be identified with!

Check out their new website to see and learn more about them! (Click the photo above). 

What Some Of Our Partners Say About Us.

“We have been working with Longhouse media for over 3 years. We are so pleased with our online presence with great pictures, amazing videos, interesting content and constant updating. Highly recommends this authentic and “on your side” agency!”

– Dr. John F. Blaylock, Valley Laser Eye Centre 

How to Set a Business Goal

With the new year, don’t forget about setting some strong, achievable goals for you and your business. Here is one way to set yourself up for success with your goal(s). 

1. Identify: Narrow down EXACTLY what you want to accomplish/ succeeded in, and write yourself a plan.
2. Take Action: Take the necessary actions to complete your goal and be sure to follow through. 
3. Deadlines: Set an end-date for yourself and your goal so you have a drive/motivation to complete it. 

Of course, be sure to reward yourself because this is a huge accomplishment!

Tell us what your goal is. We want to help you succeed, so tell us what your plans are so we can celebrate with you when you succeed!

If you want to keep each other accountable for our goals this year, let’s go for lunch and share our plans for 2021

For more tips, check our blog.

Picture of Simran Rai

Simran Rai

As a photography major in school and a keen interest in video production, Simran serves Longhouse as a key member of the content team. Simran has a keen eye for detail and great skill in project management.

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