Even though we may think that Google Reviews are already widely used, you would be surprised as to how many people forget about them.  

Google Reviews can add so much value, credibility and depth to your business; and the great things is, you can never have too many! In fact, the more the better. 

Create that Trusting Bond with Google.

One thing that many people always ask is ‘how can I rank higher on Google?’ And a fair question at that; we want you to rank higher, becoming more successful by the day.

So how can you do it? Well, when you can create that ‘trusting’ relationship with Google, they are far more likely to rank you and your website higher than any of your competitors. 

For you to create that ‘trust’ with Google, one way you can do this is by accumulating Google Reviews. Google reviews add both Credibilities as well as overall value to you and your business. 

Giving You Credibility.

Why would you want credibility? According to Olivia Tan, the founder of CocoFax, “Credibility offers a benefit to both gaining Google trust and gaining the interest of new and potential customers.”

Let’s start by looking at this from a potential customer’s point of view. A customer is doing a quick google search for a plumbing company, and 5 different companies show up first. Of these 5, only 2 of them have any google reviews, and of the 2, one of them has an exceptional number of reviews by far compared to the other. 

When this potential customer is reading though these reviews, that are looking for some of the following:

  • Past clients/customers’ experiences: they want to know if this company really provides their customers with exceptional customer service or not. 
  • Service/Product Credibility: They are looking to see if the service/product is going to be worth them spending their money on. 
  • Responding Messages from the Business: this potential customer will also want to see if this business owner is actively engaging with their past and current customers. This shows that they care as well as value what people have to say about them and their business/services. 
  • With all these Google Reviews that you are collecting and accumulating, Google is now seeing the value in what you have to offer.

People are quite clearly enjoying what you are doing and value what you are offering, so Google will reward this by getting you to rank higher when searched. This is also going to help you SEO-wise. 

The Value This Brings To You.

Now we know how these Google Reviews can help benefit you from Google’s perspective, how does this help you and your business?

Ultimately, you can now turn new clickers into customers. As a new person looking for someone to give their money to, a high collection of Google Reviews is highly impressive and quite often the tipping point for someone to decide to go into business with you or the other business who also came up when searched on Google. 

You have to remember to put yourself in the position of a customer as the business owner at times. What are you looking for? What do you like to see? What do you not want to see? 

You want to value someones money as much as you value your own. 

We would love to chat about any of your SEO and Google Rankings questions you might have just send us an email!

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As a photography major in school and a keen interest in video production, Simran serves Longhouse as a key member of the content team. Simran has a keen eye for detail and great skill in project management.

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