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Fraser Valley Beltone is a multi-location hearing aid clinic located in Langley and Abbotsford that offers a wide selection of hearing aid options as well as hearing tests.

Longhouse Media was tasked with using all of our resources and tools to attract new customers to the business.  

Our strategy consisted of first creating a digital sales funnel.  At the same time we initiated an aggressive Google rankings/SEO strategy and social media management campaign.

Our partnership with Fraser Valley Beltone is on-going and we are continuing to see great results.

Our Challenge: Gain Customers, Create Video Ads, Create a Website, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Improve Google Search Results

Hearing centers have become a highly competitive industry.  There is almost always a hearing center within a 2km radius of any given location As such, we were challenged with making Fraser Valley Beltone stand out and attract more customers to their business.

Fraser Valley Beltone has incredible customer service, product quality and competitive prices but the difficulty for them was letting the general public know that!  

Our strategy of creating videos, Facebook ads, Google advertising, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design and Social Media Management all works together to contribute towards standing out and booking more appointments.

The Solution: Video Production, Web Design, Google Rankings, Social Media Managing, Facebook Ads and more

Our strategy consisted of first creating a digital sales funnel.  A digital sales funnel consists of: 

1) Creating a set of high-quality videos that catch people’s interest.  (You can see the videos we made for Fraser Valley Beltone below)

2) Getting those videos seen by the customer’s ideal target market with Facebook and Google ads

3) Close the sale by creating a concise, professional one-page website/landing page that streamlines the important information and purchase process.

A mockup on a laptop of our hearing clinic partner's one page website/landing page that is driving sales to their business.
The third step of a digital sales funnel is an effective landing page/website that makes visitors want to buy!

At the same time as we started creating a digital sales funnel, we began working towards higher Google rankings.  We have been using an aggressive SEO strategy that consists of blogging, link-building and on-site optimizations with an emphasis on growing rankings within a 10 kilometre radius around each physical Fraser Valley Beltone location.

Another tool we implemented was an aggressive social media management campaign where we post 4x per week with high-quality photos taken by our team.  We then post these throughout the week with good brand-building and sales copy. This is valuable to a business because not only will it make a business look highly professional, it also contributes to stronger rankings on Google and Bing.  Search engines value consistent content and having a constant feed of fresh social media content grows rankings very well.

Company Overview Video that is used on the website and in Facebook ads
A Client Testimonial video is a great way to establish credibility with potential customers

The Results of Our On-Going Partnership With Fraser Valley Beltone

SEO results from Google Search Console Comparing the 6 months prior to our partnership and the 6 months since the beginning of our partnership.

The efforts that Longhouse has taken has translated into a direct increase in Google search volume, sales and conversions.  Below is an image of Google search volume comparing the 6 months prior to our partnership and the 6 month results after our partnership began.

There has been a 63% improvement in clicks and a near doubling of impressions on Google alone.  This does not include results from Google MyBusiness (Google Maps) which has improved by over 1,000 views per month since starting or clicks from social media platforms such as Facebook/Instagram.

Along with SEO results, Fraser Valley Beltone has seen growth in sales, customers, leads and more. Each of our services work together to secure and sustain their results.

The Partner’s Thoughts on Our Marketing Results

“Terrific ideas, creativity, and excellent results. I highly recommend Longhouse for a cutting edge digital presence!”

Scott Hyde – Owner of Fraser Valley Beltone

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Keenan Beavis is a Growth Consultant with Longhouse Media. Longhouse’s services include websites, digital marketing, social media management, videography and graphic design. Past projects of Keenan’s include, a YouTube channel where he was awarded for being the 27th most viewed YouTuber in Canada and a chain of online niche clothing stores under the banner of ‘JK Design Team’. Realizing his aptitude for developing businesses online, Keenan decided to help others grow their businesses and personal brands through technology by founding the media company, Longhouse.

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