Valley Laser Eye Center is a laser eye centre located in the Abbotsford area. It was founded by Dr. John F. Blaylock who has been practicing in Abbotsford since 1989 and opened ‘Valley Laser Eye Centre’ 5 years later in 1994. 

Dr. Blaylock developed the ‘Blaylock Procedure’ and offers a number of other different services such as Refractive Lens Exchange, Cataract Surgery, Implantable Contact Lenses, LASIK and PRK.

The Web Design team, Video Production Team, and Social Media Management Team have worked alongside Valley Laser Eye Centre to help them reach a greater SEO/Google Ranking, reach more customers and showcase/market what they do. 

Check out their website (click image above).

Our Challenge

Laser eye surgery services is a competitive field. With there being so many different options, our goal was to ensure that when YOU search up ‘Laser Eye Surgery’ you will be directed to Valley Laser Eye Centre (VLEC) first! 

How did we go about that? Well with our different services such as Facebook/Google Ads, Web Design, Social Media Management and Video Content, we could attract more customers to VLEC; making them really stand out against the crowd. 

Check out what the Valley Laser Eye Centre’s landing page looks like. (Click image above).

The Solution: A Custom Marketing Plan

For VLEC, we needed to make them reachable to customers not just in the Abbotsford area but other surrounding areas. First, we needed to show potential customers what it is that they do. Our Video Production team worked with Dr. Blaylock and his team to create video content to share their story. Storytelling allows you, a potential customer to feel more connected to the team! We also showcased some of their past clients and their stories/experiences with VLEC. Check out some of their videos that we created. 

Check out our video about Terri I She shares her experience with VLEC.

Not only did Longhouse go about sharing VLEC stories, but we also created a user-friendly website/landing page with easy and clear navigation as well as maintain high-quality social media content. We stay away from using as many stock photos as possible because we want their high-quality services to stand out just as equally through their social media posts. 

Valley Laser Eye Centre also went about with our Facebook and Google ads services. Through these ads, we were now able to reach more people in all surrounding areas, and share VLEC’s story through their new video and social media content.

Longhouse also sees the value in sharing your ‘Customer’ or ‘Google’ Reviews with your viewers. We see it as beneficial because your page may be attracting ‘new’ viewers who may be wanting to learn more about your business and whether you can provide them with a good experience/service for their money’s worth. Especially with expensive procedures such as eye surgery, new customers want to feel confident with where they are choosing to put their money; and these reviews can help make you look as strong of a business as you are.

Here is the way we find to be the most effective with social media posts:

  1. An engaging Fun Fact of the field you are in.
  2. A Customer Review.
  3. A Public Question for your page followers so they can be involved.

Here are some examples of the kind of social media we ran for Valley Laser Eye Centre:

A quick look at what some ‘Customer Review’ posts look like for VLEC.

The Results: Improved SEO and Greater Engagement on Social Media

With Valley Laser Eye Centre’s advertising funnel, they are receiving a roughly $1 cost-per-click! Ultimately meaning more attention from people like YOU on their site. Also, as a result of our Google Rankings service, SEO results show that Valley Laser Eye Centre was ranked #1 and in the top 3 for many great keywords when searched in the Langley-Chilliwack area such as “laser eye surgery” “laser eye surgeon” and more!

Screenshot of a Google Search when “Laser Eye Surgery” is searched.

And along with Valley Laser’s new social media make-over, their audience has now grown to about 1,642 people, with an overall number of 20,000 clicks, 600 likes and a total reach of 71,513 views on their videos present on Facebook.

Here are some visuals that show Valley Laser’s increase in search engine traffic. Their number of organic clicks has risen to 3.82K and their number of organic impressions has risen to 237K.

The Partner’s Thoughts

“We have been working with Longhouse Media for over 3 years. We are so pleased with our online presence with great pictures, amazing videos, interesting content and constant updating. Highly recommends this authentic and “on your side” agency!”

Dr. John Blaylock – Owner of Valley Laser Eye Centre

John Blaylock – Founder of Valley Laser Eye Centre

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As a photography major in school and a keen interest in video production, Simran serves Longhouse as a key member of the content team. Simran has a keen eye for detail and great skill in project management.

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