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Andre Pienaar: Longhouse Media Case Study

Longhouse has worked with Andre Pienaar for almost a year and a half and throughout this time we have really gotten to know him as a person. Andre loves to write music. He believes that music tells and story and each song has a chance to be meaningful and be a significant factor in telling the story.

How Was DecemberūüéĄ? I Longhouse Media Blog Post

How was everyone’s last couple of days? Christmas¬†just passed¬†by¬†and we hope you and your families were able to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Did¬†you do anything interesting/holiday-related recently?¬† If we haven’t spoken for a while we’d love to start off 2021 with reconnecting.¬† This year has the potential to be awesome. Longhouse Media …

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Valley Laser Eye Centre: Longhouse Media Case Study

Dr. Blaylock developed the ‚ÄėBlaylock Procedure‚Äô and offers a number of other different services such as Refractive Lens Exchange, Cataract Surgery, Implantable Contact Lenses, LASIK and PRK.

The Web Design team, Video Production Team, and Social Media Management Team have worked alongside Valley Laser Eye Centre to help them reach a greater SEO/Google Ranking, reach more customers and showcase/market what they do.

Longhouse Media, Marketing and Branding Update | November 2020

Social Media posts shouldn’t be thought of as a way to ‘pull’ in new customers.

I like to think of it as a ‘hug’; meaning that good social media posts that establish your credibility, likeability and also gives an easy way for someone to get in touch can be the deal closer (the hug) that locks people into choosing you instead of your competitors.

LivingRoom Fort Langley website mockup on a wood table, granite backdrop and beside two cactuses

Livingroom Fort Langley: Longhouse Media Case Study

Our web design and business photography teams were tasked with growing Livingroom’s online presence and to help improve the overall value of the company. This project was extra special to us as our team is also located in Langley and working with other Langley and surrounding city’s businesses is a great way to improve the local economy.

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